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Material Control & Accountability (MC&A) Consulting

NAC Consulting offers valuable support in facility-level MC&A, nuclear material measurements and program controls. Our MC&A, experts offer more than 30 years of combined experience in analyzing and managing nuclear material transactions, inventory, and material balance data. In addition, NAC has vast experience developing NMMSS related software products, including the ground-breaking Nuclear Accounting & Compliance (NAC) Reporter package, which is a valuable tool to simplify nuclear material accounting and reporting activities.


NAC operates Fuel-Trac, the world's most complete and accurate commercial nuclear fuel cycle database and model, which provides a comprehensive picture of uncommitted needs for uranium, enrichment and fuel fabrication.

Nuclear Earth

NAC offers Nuclear Earth, which draws upon our vast amount of fuel cycle experience and utilizes the mapping software of Google Earth to give users an interactive global nuclear information system Nuclear Earth is a simple, easy-to-use interactive tool that allows you to reference detailed information on the world's nuclear facility through a satellite imargery-based interface. It provides a sophisticated tool for research, market assessments and presentations.

Fuel Cycle Seminars

NAC conducts U.S. and European nuclear fuel management seminars each year and can also present the fuel cycle seminar in an onsite training forum for small or large groups. Our seminars cover every aspect of the nuclear fuel cycle: the technical and commercial aspects, the economic forces driving the markets and who the players are in this rapidly evolving business. Clients can request any number of site and subject specific seminars topics, including uranium, conversion, enrichment, fabrication and spent fuel/reprocessing.